Magnus Friberg

Hello and welcome! I'm Magnus, a passionate DATA/ML engineer and scientist. I thrive on crafting innovative data-driven solutions.

🏢 Current Role: Lead Data Engineer at Seenthis.
🎵 Past Experience: Senior Data Scientist at Spotify.

Outside of my formal roles, I love diving into side projects and doing some freelance work. I'm always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow.

Interested in a deeper dive into data or just looking to chat about the latest in the field? Don't hesitate to reach out!

🛠 Work Experience

Seenthis - Lead Data Engineer

2022 - Present

Key Project:

Implemented a Kubernetes cluster, managing jobs run as separate pods. Each pod supervises dependency checks and initiates processes in engines like Dataflow or BigQuery.

Spotify - Senior Data Scientist


Highlight Project:

Devised a BERT model to classify customer interactions from social media. By leveraging clustering models to pinpoint problem topics, we subsequently collected data and refined our model to categorize millions of interactions into 37 distinct topics.

🎓 Education

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